damascus steel drop point knife

Bat Country Forge began in Raymond Terrace a town north of Newcastle New South Wales. I began his journey into steel crafting with an introductory course by Michael Budd in Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

Since then I have gone on the specialise in crafting high quality edged tools that preserve the ethos of artisans from times past. I like to keep my designs uncomplicated and functional tools for the everyman that can be used, cherished and passed on.

In the last few years I have become a trusted source of information in the artisan community. I worked for Artisan Supplies as the product manager for the blacksmithing and Knifemaking range for 3 years and also teach classes from my own workshop in Newcastle as well as Eveleigh works in Sydney. In my time at Artisan Supplies I was lucky enough to attend multiple masterclasses with professionals such as Alec Steele of Youtube fame and Master Bladesmith Kevin Cashen.

I enjoy running interactive workshops from my forge in Newcastle. I get a great sense of satisfaction when I see students learning new skills and techniques giving them the opportunity to go on and take charge of their artistic expression. I hope that every student gets the same satisfaction when leaving my workshop with unique items they have crafted with their own hands. I prefer to add set classes to a calendar to bring like minded people together for their learning experience however as I am in the forge on week days other class times and subjects can be arranged mid week. Just have a look at the classes available or contact me through this web page.

If you choose to come to learn in my workshop you will find gas forges, belt grinders, hammers, tongs and anvils of all shapes and sizes. A power hammer for making damascus steel and breaking down large stock is at the ready as well as a mill and drill press. All tools of the modern bladesmiths arsenal.

Besides my range of outdoor and kitchen knives I do enjoy making traditional Scottish Gaelic implements such as the sgian dubh (black knife or sock dirk), the dirk and claymores. I participate in the Australian highland games wherever I can as a member of the Clan MacRae Society.